How to get to Waldbauernmuseum



Waldbauernmuseum Gutenstein

Markt 31

A - 2770 Gutenstein 





Coming from the A2 (southern motorway), approx. 30 minutes by car from the Wöllersdorf exit via B21 (25km).

Coming from the Kalten Kuchl approx. 30 minutes travel time via B21 (25km)

Starting from Puchberg am Schneeberg via the L138/B21. Travel time approx. 30min (25km)

From the A21 exit Alland accessible via the B11/L138/B21. Travel time approx. 45min (40km)





With the Gutensteinerbahn from Wiener Neustadt main station, journey time approx. 1 hour.

Walk from Gutenstein train station to the museum approx. 20 minutes (1.6km).

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Easily accessible by bike via the Piestingtal cycle path. At the level of the kindergarten or the castle, turn through the Bleichgarten (park) and follow the signs.


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